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Do you work on international projects? 2017-08-16T21:48:12+00:00

Yes! We love international clients.

Most of our work is focused in Canada and the United States. But every once in while we take on clients from different areas of the world, either through word of mouth or personal contact. All our prices are in Canadian dollar so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Do you work on existing or old websites? 2017-08-16T21:48:12+00:00


Have a functioning website but need it updated with new content, or just need to change something? Contact us. our team is familiar with many different platforms we we can help you get the best out of it, without having to design a brand new site.

What about e-commerce? 2017-08-16T21:48:12+00:00

We do e-commerce.

Yes. We do e-commerce. We have multiple options for customers depending on their budget/needs. Customers have the options to create Woocommerce, Shopify, Square Space or Magento based e-commerce platforms.

What platforms do you build on? 2017-08-16T21:48:12+00:00

We love WordPress!

We develop sites on multiple platforms, including but not limited to Joomla, Drupal, HTML5, Java, SquareSpace, Spotify, Wix and WordPress. As the header alludes to, we tend to love one, WordPress. The reason for us is simple:

  1. It’s reliable
  2. It has the maximum customer customization/ cost efficiency combination
  3. It has trusted/updated plugins that keep it secure

But you don’t have to take our word for it, take a look at some stats we pulled from the internet:

  • WordPress Powers 26% of the web
  • WordPress.com Gets More Unique Visitors Than Amazon (Us)
  • WordPress powers some of the biggest news sites on the planet (WordPress VIP)
Will my site be SEO optimized? 2017-08-16T21:48:12+00:00

All our sites have BASIC SEO optimization!

SEO Optimization is a popular phrase on the internet nowadays. However, most webdesigner forget to simply review websites for SEO optimization as they build the site, to ensure the customer gets the best possible search engine results on their website. Although we don’t provide the Extensive SEO optimization, we setup each site so they are keyword optimized and are search friendly so the customer will get started on the right track.

After some time, we then have some reputable SEO experts we recommend our customers go talk to, as having a full-time SEO team requires a team of dedicated experts, that will help you actively compete with your customers online.

Here are some tips to watch for once you hire an SEO expert:

  1. Check out their site using tools like from Majestic or Moz
  2. Ask their client base.
  3. Ask other SEO experts to review the client’s SEO
How long does it take to make a website? 2017-08-16T21:48:12+00:00

Approx. 40 hours!

Building a website isn’t a race, however since we approach website building in a unique way, our timeline to create a professionally designed site is much faster than average web designers. This means, with the customers full availability, vision and cooperation, a website can be completed in as little as 3 days.  However, most small business customers can expect to wait about 2 weeks to get a completed and optimized website.


Here are some tips to increase how fast your website is built:

  1. Have a sitemap ready.
  2. Have some samples websites you like for the designer.
  3. Have some pictures you like as a reference.
  4. Decide on the colors you like.
  5. Have a general idea of the content you want your customers to see.
  6. Have testimonials ready.
  7. Have your social media icons ready.
Do you focus on a particular industry? 2017-08-16T21:48:12+00:00

Our focus is small business.

We focus solely on small businesses, including startups. Most web developers tend to start with small business and move on to bigger and bigger development projects usually leaving the small business behind. We don’t do that! We focus on helping all small business with their website needs, be it restaurants, independent professionals (insurance, mortgage, real estate, massage,etc..), salons, retail stores, non-profits, restaurants, designers, coffee shops, etc.

How do I get more search engine results? 2017-08-16T21:48:13+00:00

Content trumps all!

Getting to the top of you localize search on any Search Engines isn’t as easy as pushing a magic button, or clicking some buttons and adding keywords on your website. That strategy would have worked pre-2010, however, with over a billion websites and counting that are accessible today you can imagine things have changed. Nowadays, and probably for the near future, content trumps all! That mean visitors to your website must be:

  1. Find your content interesting
  2. Find your page visually appealing
  3. Find your site easy to navigate
  4. Have fast load speeds on mobile
  5. Be able to read your content easily on mobile devices.

Of course any professionally SEO expert will add thousands more feature to this, but if you start with these basics for your website you will have a good head start over those that don’t follow these 5 basic website mantras. Of course we don’t recommend starting an encyclopedic website that tries to compete with wikipedia, but it doesn’t hurt to put information out there to educate your customer. If anything it shows them your passion for what you do!

Stay focused, stay passionate!

What if I don’t have content or images for my website? 2017-08-16T21:48:13+00:00

Don’t Worry

If you don’t have content don’t worry. We can help guide you in developing some content or we can introduce you to some great BC based content writers that can help expertly word your website for optimal SEO and readability. If you don’t have images we can recommend some Vancouver based photographers, or we suggest reviewing sites like ShutterStockGettyImages and iStockPhoto.

How much does a website cost? 2017-08-16T21:48:13+00:00

Average: $1,500 + domain + hosting

Website development can vary extremely in cost, ranging from $500 to $30,000 +. The higher price range of $30,000 + is usually for custom coded website, with special user interfaces, and custom features that are needed by the customer.

For most small businesses the price range is realistically between $500 and $10,000 depending on the project requirements. If the page just needs to be designed as a digital front for your company, then $1,500 is a very respectable budget.

If you want between 10-15 pages customers can typically expect to pay between $1,500 and $3,500.  For e-commerce you can typically expect to add $2,000 to ensure proper security, database management and setup.

That seems reasonable, but don’t forget there are a host of other costs you face to get online. We’ve broken down some price ranges to help you manage your expectations for web development here in Canada. Our prices are from reputable and legitimate sources, so no sales, or “special deals”:

  1. Domain Registration: $9.99 – $20/year (for easily available domains)
  2. Hosting: $60 – $1,800 / year
  3. Pictures: $30 – $150 / image
  4. Content writing: $50 – $150/article

Hopefully this gives you an understanding of what to expect for web development. This is why at Ikan we take the time to really ask customers what they want.

Our experience shows that most small business and startups don’t need a fancy website but instead require nicely designed landing pages with strategic local SEO, local social media ownership, an active social media position and an easy to navigate interface for customer education.

What makes us different? 2017-08-16T21:48:13+00:00

Focused on your business first!

In 2016, all web design firms MUST always deliver a fully responsive website that is both mobile and search engine friendly. In addition, with easy access of developers online, it’s easy to manage you and do logo, design and branding online, in fact any student, consultant or non-tech person looking to make some income can start making websites. This is not us!

We are not a marketing, design or management firm, a we are a technology firm that is focused on helping small business get the best, safest, fastest and most affordable website for an affordable and reliable price point. Ikan is a focused on the business first, well before we even touch the website we make sure we accurately reflect your business and provide support and guidance throughout the process. This means that we won’t walk away from you as your business grows or your technology needs change, instead we aim to develop our relationship throughout your business life.

Best of all we believe in educating ALL our clients. We take the additional step of actively teaching you about search engines, analytics, hacking, spamming, social media, SEO, how protect yourself, and how to do update your site and we set all our website so they can grow with the business at minimal costs.

Our primary focus is the growth of your small business, not of your website! This is what make us different.